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This is the unique complete set available in the world.  Last complete collections sold by famous auction houses and  very little exquisite antique booktraders lacked small missing illustrations but mostly, they lacked completely the rare golden folio INCLUDED IN THIS COLLECTION and the extremely rare FIRST YEAR DAS PLAKAT VOLUME.

why is this item so important?
Prior, because this is an original complet set and not an assembled one, by someone buying isolated numbers and making a fake complete set. Even wordwide reputable museums and associations lack such an original complete collection.
Because it includes the original flyers, adverts and other data that isolated numbers always neglected.
Because it is presented in the publishers linen clothes with the title on spine recently cleaned and professionally restored by our graphic arts certified restorer. We had great care in our team work with him and each volume was cleaned and binding were consolidated. We are aware of how bad restoration can damage the interest of items and subsequently it's value and we followed museologcal rules for non-invasive conservation techniques.
Because first number is extremely SCARCE and rare

 A lifetime oportunity:
Perhaps the most influential certainly the most lavishly illustrated periodical on modern posters was the german " Das Plakat". It was issued by the Berlin based "Verein der Plakatfreunde" wich had been founded in 1905 by dentist Hans Sachs . At first only 200 copies for the 80 members of the verein were issued but together with the number of members figures rose sharply, so that in last year of it's existence, 10.000 copies of "Das Plakat" were printed for 7000 members. It seems strange that this periodical is so rare today but it has always been much sought after. Whoever owned a copy or even a complete set, did not part with it. (Jorg Muller - Daehn/ Michael Jahn

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  1. Can you please tell me what you are asking for your set of Das Plakat..

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